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Friendship ALWAYS wins!
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The Basics -
1.) Your name: Skylar Gray
2.) Nicknames: Ash, Sky-Sky, Sky, Ian ( :iconzombiekiller17: calls me this), Shorty
3.) Do you like these nicknames?: Yep!
4.) Location: USA, in a little town you won't ever know ;D
5.) Age: 14 years old
6.) Birthday: 9/12 September 12th
7.) Zodiac sign: Virgo
8.) Parents names: Dustun and Kim
9.) Siblings?: 1 younger brother
10.) Pets: Cats and dogs
11.) Number of rooms in your house: about 7 or 8
12.) Religion: I think it's Christianity, but I could be wrong :/
13.) If so-practicing?: Erm...No...?
14.) Male or Female?: Female
15.) Is your family close?: Yes, very.

What are your favorite -
16.) Foods: Anything, really. Mostly Italian~
17.) TV shows: The Walking Dead, The Voice, Family Guy, American Dad, Friends, Conan, Robot Chicken and NCIS.
18.) Movies: All of the Scream movies, The Woman In Black, 30 Minutes Or Less, My Soul To Take, Titanic, The Grudge, Archie's Final Project, Just Go With It, all of the "Scary" movies, The Superhero Movie, Anaconda - The Hunt For The Blood Orchid, The Avengers, Zombieland, SuperBad, and 1408.
19.) Actors: RDJ, Leonardo DiCaprio, Heath Ledger (The Joker in the Dark Knight )
20.) Actresses: Jennifer Aniston
21.) Books: (So far) Life Of Pi, and The Hunger Pains
22.) Artists: :icondaflummify:
23.) Types of Music: Rock, Pop, Metal, Dubstep, Classic Rock, a little bit of Jazz/soft music, and a just a little bit of everything ^-^
24.) Video Games: Dead Island, LoZ - OoT, Mario Kart 7
25.) Computer Games: Minecraft, Sims
26.) Outfits: Mainly just T-shirts, hoodies, and jeans
27.) Stores: Hot Topic! :D
28.) Sports: Football (to watch), Swimming (If that's a sport)
29.) Colors: Green
30.) Numbers: 7, 77, 23, 27, 37, 17
31.) Websites: YouTube, DA, Wattpad, Tumblr, Google
32.) Cartoons characters: Catdog, Courage, Scooby Doo, Yogi Bear, The (cartoon) Avengers, Batman, Robin, and Spongebob ^-^
33.) TV Channels: Not too sure................... Depends on what's on ^-^
34.) Made For TV Movies: Idk...
35.) Comedians: Dane Cook! :D
36.) Comediennes: Whitney...... something XD forgot her last name XD (edit! I think her last name is Cummings c: )
37.) Hair products: The stuff I have in my room ^-^
38.) Makeup Products: None, really.
39.) Kind of Pens: The kind manga artists use.
40.) Kind of Shows: Cute kinds, Mystery/Crime, Horror, Funny.
41.) Pieces of Jewelry: My key necklace, watch, mood ring sometimes, and this other ring I wear sometimes ^-^
42.) Kinds of Soap: ...Dove?
43.) Kinds of Shampoo: If it smells nice and it works, I'll gladly use it.
44.) Game Systems: XBOX 360, WII, 3DS, and my IPod c:
45.) CD s: Any album from artists I like.
46.) Snacks: Pretty much anything :D
47.) Past times: writing, sleeping, RPing, watching TV, sitting behind this computer screen...
48.) Things to do on the weekend: SLEEEP! And write! :D
49.) Magazines: Game Informer.
50.) Animals: Dogs, tigers, wolves, foxes, cats, lions, lynx, etc.

Music -
111.) What are you favorite bands?: Maroon 5, Panic! At The Dicso, Shinedown, Nickelback, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace.
112.) Do you own a lot of CD s?: Not really...
113.) How many exactly?: Idk.
114.) Do you download music?: All the time.
115.) What are your favorite songs?: C'Mon by Panic! At The Disco (feat. Fun)~ c: <3
116.) Do you listen to the radio?: Sometimes.
117.) Do you like loud music?: Rarely... Not a whole lot...
118.) Do you think its obnoxious when people drive down the street with their stereos all the way up blasting the kind of music you loathe?: YES OMG.
119.) Do you like rap?: Only ones with rappers I know.
120.) Do you like country?: I only like a few country songs and that's it.

121.) What TV shows are you glued to?: The Walking Dead, The Voice, Survivor, Whitney, Family Guy, American Dad, Robot Chicken and Friends.
122.) Are you a couch potato?: Yep!
123.) Do you watch the news?: Not a lot, but sometimes :D
124.) Are you easily influenced by the people on TV?: Yep!
125.) Who is your favorite TV star?: Idk.
126.) Do you watch late night TV?: Sometimes...
127.) Do you have more than 100 channels on your TV?: Yeah XD
128.) Do you actually care about any of those above 100?: Only 3.
129.) Do you watch the Spanish channel just for fun?: Nope. I turned the Spanish channel on by accident once and kinda got scared XD
130.) What is your take on commercials?: HOLY CRAP! I DON'T REALLY CARE! XD
131.) How big is your TV?: It's pretty big... XD
132.) Do you use a remote or change it manually?: Remote~ :D
133.) When you see something on TV do you run out and buy it as soon as possible?: Nope.
134.) Do you like dramas?: Depends on what kind... and what show...
136.) Comedy Central-good or bad?: I kinda like it :)
137.) Are you obsessive over anyone on TV?: OMG YES!!!!
138.) Do you watch any sports on TV/which ones?: Not really...
139.) Do you watch music videos?: Only if I caught them by accident on MTV, bought them off ITunes or saw them on YouTube c:
140.) Do you like watching I Love the 80's even if you weren't living in the 80's?: I heard of that show but I've never seen it...

151.) Who are your best friends?: Olivia, Emma, Ally, Maylyn and Adam c:
152.) Do you have a lot of friends?: Yes IRL.
153.) Who is your funniest friend?: IDK either Emma, Maylyn or Ally.
154.) Craziest?: Ally!
155.) Weirdest?: Once again, Ally.
156.) Prettiest: Hmm... This is a tough one, but I'd have to say Ally or Maylyn ^-^
157.) Fanciest?: Lol, none of us are fancy!
158.) Sportiest?: None of us XD
159.) Girliest?: Ally.
160.) Mellowest?: Olivia
161.) Stupidest?: I don't hang out with stupid people...
162.) Smartest?: Olivia! :D
163.) Thugest?: Idk... Ally.
164.) Do you have a lot of acquaintances?: Yeah...
165.) Are you friends with any of your teachers?: Nope XD
166.) Are you friends with any friends parents?: Yep!
167.) Are you really outgoing only around your friends?: >.>   <.<  Yep...
168.) Are you comfortable around your friends?: Yeah!
169.) Are you easily influenced by your friends?: Not really...
170.) Are you part of a clique?: Yeah. We hang out in groups.
171.) Do you make new friends easily?: Kinda... Not really...
172.) Do you have a lot of friends online?: Yep.
173.) Where did you meet them?: N/A
174.) Do you have a lot of LJ friends?: No...
175.) Do you sleep over at friends houses a lot?: Yeah.
176.) Do you make yourself at home when you go to other friends houses?: Somewhat XD
177.) Do your friends rub off on you a lot?: Kinda...
178.) Could you live one day without your friends?: I do on most weekends...
179.) Rate your social life on a scale of 1-10: 7 or 8
180.) How is this survey so far?: I'm tireddddddddddddddddddd...

Are you
221.) Gothic?: ABSOLUTELY NOT
222.) a freak?: Maybe? No.
223.) a computer nerd?: No...
224.) a science freak?: No.
225.) a sports fan?: Not overly.
226.) One of those people that sit in the back of the room during an exam and cough and sniff the whole time?: Those exist? Really?
227.) a class clown?: No.
228.) funny?: Sure! ^-^
229.) serious?: Yep.
230.) intellectual?: Ehhhhhh....
231.) an LOTR nerd?: ? What?
232.) a failure?: Yes
233.) a success?: Not really...
234.) a loser?: Maybe...
236.) lazy?: Of course!!!!!!
237.) outgoing?: I try... >_<
238.) shy?: Kinda...
239.) friendly?: Yep! ^-^
240.) easily annoyed?: YES OMG.
241.) tolerant of others views?: ???
242.) addicted to crack?: NO! I hate people who do drugs!
243.) addicted to any other drug?: NO! Don't even get me started on idiots who do drugs!
244.) a partier?: Naw, not really...
245.) naturally hyperactive?: Not really...
246.) wild?: No
247.) sporty?: Not really...
248.) smelly?: Maybe...
249.) an insomniac?: No
250.) a procrastinator?: Maybe...
251.) a criminal?: No
252.) a crackpot?: NO!!!
253.) a bookworm?: Not really...
254.) hairy?: No.
255.) good at playing basketball?: No.
256.) in high school?: No.
257.) in prison?: Nope!
258.) from mars?: Nope.
259.) straight?: ... <.<
260.) gay?: ... >.>
  • Mood: Sweet
  • Listening to: C&#039;Mon - Panic! At The Disco (feat. Fun)
  • Reading: Life Of Pi
  • Watching: Smosh! :D
  • Playing: Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time 3D
  • Eating: Nothing :c
  • Drinking: Water


skylar123's Profile Picture
Skylar Rowan Gray :D
United States
Hi, I'm Skylar :D
Someone says 'Smosh' and I turn around like it's my own name XD

0% Normal
█ 10% Weird/Crazy/Emotional
██ 20% Lazy
███ 30% Mountain Dew
████ 40% Hoodie Wearer
█████ 50% Movie Fanatic
██████ 60% Comedian
███████ 70% Writer
████████ 80% Gamer
█████████ 90% Youtube fanatic/Smosher
██████████ 100 % Me!

Favorite game/s: Dead Island :D <3
favorite movies: the Scream series :D <3
Repo! The Genetic Opera <3 <3 <3, 30 Minutes Or Less, 21 Jump St. , Superbad
favorite drink: Mountain Dew, (Iced) Coffee <3 <3

Nicknames: Sky, Shorty, Toby, Ash, Sky-Sky, Skylie,
Characters I play- Skylar, Ian (mine), Dewey, Grin, Charlie, Blade, Toby (mine), Jayden,

Music player of choice: Ipod touch <3 (4th Generation)

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